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Newsletter #2, February 2017

Niccolò Caranti: 'Europe'

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Going Continental

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Beyond Data

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Hi {name}!

OK, hibernation’s over, it’s spring and it’s time to get back to creating great outcomes. We would like 5 minutes of your time to let you know about some significant changes to how we are operating in Code for Ireland, and who we are collaborating with. We are looking at making some very significant changes in order to start churning out results at a European level, collaborating across borders. Please read on, to find out how you can get involved.

Going Continental

Niccolò Caranti: 'Europe'

Image: Niccolò Caranti: ‘Europe’; source

Based both on feedback from the membership (many thanks to those who responded to the survey) and a rethink by John and Peter, we are implementing a few changes to how Code for Ireland operates.

Together with our counterparts in the Netherlands, France, Poland and Romania, we have been exploring how future meet-ups could be simultaneously both physical and virtual, with coders joining in across Europe on projects of common interest that will be agreed and prioritised at a new European Round Table where all interested ‘Code for’ countries will be represented. We are very keen on this idea – it will bring instant scalability, a lot more expertise and experience to the table, and the knowledge that the projects are important enough to go global; well, at least European to start with.


Graham McNamara: 'CODE'

Image: Graham McNamara: ‘CODE’; source

Also in response to feedback, we want to change the dynamic at Code for Ireland meet-ups. Coding and other project work will start from the beginning of the meet-up, in virtual conjunction with other coders abroad meeting physically simultaneously, but in a pan-European fashion. The quick summary of progress by and of each project will be presented at the end of the meet-up.

We need your help in preparing for these changes. Our next meet-up is on 9 March at 6pm at dogpatch. We’ll intro the new approach, and another Code for Europe member, Milo van der Linden, will attend. This will be an essential get-together to decide how to proceed at a European level. We need to get more people involved with the planning, implementation, newsletter, etc. We want also to talk about which projects we will bring to the European level for actual coding. And we want to push the understanding that projects can proceed very effectively between meet-ups, particularly if they’re going to be across borders.

We hope you’re interested, excited even. Please register here. And if you have suggestions, wish to offer support, and so on, please feel free to e-mail us beforehand.


After considerable engagement with the HSE and LGMA, a hackathon was held on 10 February and all details can be found here. We are of course disappointed that we were not directly involved, but delighted to have assisted in its formulation and planning. As you can see from the other news, we will now have monthly capability, and opportunity, to host multi-geographical participation in hackathons, at short notice.


Karl-Sebastian Schulte: 'Fuel'

Image: Karl-Sebastian Schulte: ‘Fuel’; source

And if this new work ethic weren’t enough (or maybe to cope with it), we want to front-end the beer and pizza as well. Think no longer having to wait for the pay-off, but to be able to munch as you (data-)crunch.

Going Double Dutch (and a bit Polish)

a) European conference on a citizen-centric society

European conference on a citizen-centric society

Kinda hard to imagine from where we’re at in Ireland, but in the Netherlands many coders are embedded into local government with a ‘wildcard’ remit of creating projects that will benefit communities locally, nationally and internationally. To help spread the idea, the Mayor of Eindhoven is inviting Chief Information Officers and others in leading local and national government positions from around Europe to a meet-up in Eindhoven on 30 March. We have passed on the contact details of some key players here – of mayors and government ministers in RoI and NI – but we are sure there are others who should also be invited. If you have suggestions, please e-mail us, pronto. And you might want to attend yourself; there is a cost but it might be something your employer will cover. The event details are here

b) Invitation to the Living Data City Challenge

Living Data City Challenge

The Living Data City Challenge is a hackathon to be held on March 17 & 18, 2 weeks before the Beyond Data event – a weekend of hacking and tinkering, fabricating ideas and prototypes of applications that use open data. Milo van der Linden, Code Fellow at Code for NL, will be the moderator of this event. It is the sixth time Milo is acting as a moderator for a hackathon in the Netherlands and he has a little “frustration” he likes to share. During most hackathons, the energy is great and people come up with wonderful ideas, sometimes really innovative. Teams form organically and people connect beyond their boundaries. However, as a lot of the enthusiasm comes from students or working professionals, few of the concepts have seen their way to a final sustained production application that brings benefits to citizens. Milo would really like to have internationally flavoured Open Source initiatives present at the hackathon to both prove that open source works and that international co-operation results in international impact – to really make a change!

The hackathon is a competition. Besides its being a great social event, and taking home lots of good feelings, new contacts and a t-shirt, there is a chance to win prizes ranging from €500 to €2,500 while also presenting your idea or prototype at the Beyond Data event where a lot of European CIO’s will be present. If you would like to come to the Netherlands for this hackathon, please let us know immediately. BTW, you will be able to sleep at the venue or stay with one of our Dutch fellows and friends. Information about the hackathon:

c) Personal Democracy forum

And while we’re at it, check this out:

Code for Poland Festival of Apps for Communities and Democracy: on Saturday, April 8, the Code for Poland community together with experts from around the world will exchange practical solutions and talk about civic tech as a useful tool in the hands of public authorities to improve the lives of citizens. Feel free to join us! More information here.

E-mail from where?

Bruno Girin: 'Email'

Image: Bruno Girin: ‘Email’; source

In future it is possible that you may receive e-mail info from Code for Europe. We believe that this is legitimate use of the e-address you entrusted us with. We would be delegating some relevant communications up the ‘Code for’ hierarchy, so to speak, but we are not handing over e-addresses for use in activities that do not relate to Code for Ireland. If you want out, though, please e-mail us, or we will assume you’re happy to be in.

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