Collaboration / Discovery Dashboard – Dublin City

Citizens are responding to the city’s needs faster and more effectively than ever. By self-organizing and co-creating innovative solutions they tackle problems arising in the urban environment.

The problem we often encounter that there is a lack of information, lack of transparency and lack of knowledge sharing among existing groups in Dublin. Therefore, citizens are often not aware of what has already been developed within the present networks. They spend time doing groundwork instead of connecting to what exists and building on what has already been done.

We aim to plan, create and provide a platform for diverse groups/communities in Dublin that facilitates connection and networking between them. We envision a network node to enhance connections between existing networks and thereby increasing network power. The portal visually categorises and links different collaborative projects and programmes happening or that happened in Dublin City.

We intend to reach members of existing communities and every citizen in Dublin City who would like to participate in enhancing urban life in this area. By using the dashboard they would be able to discover existing projects, connect to them and participate or take on new challenges and create solutions together. Another imporant factor is exposing these groups to Dublin City Council thereby facilitating work between citizens and the local authority.

The webpage to the prototype will soon be available here: