The My Q app will save you time when queuing for Public Services

This project is now deployed at It works straight from the website.

 Show your waiting time in a queue.

The goal of this app to help people who are waiting for long periods of time in government offices.

The app calculates queuing times at local public service customer service locations (e.g. Garda National Immigration Bureau, Immigration & Naturalisation Service, PPS office, passport office etc) and therefore facilitate an informed choice for customers waiting to use these services


Currently, the app uses data provided by the customers to estimate the remaining waiting time. In the future we want to connect directly to the government departments.

Why do this?

People can use their time more productively than waiting in a queue in an office. People will make their appointment on time. This is efficient for both the individual and the service provider.


This has gone live and is available for use by any customer at the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). You can access details on

We can deploy this at ANY queue that uses ticketing – so if you know of a queue, tell us and we will add them.

Next Steps

Promote the App. We are looking to work with GNIB on this, and are also in contact with the Immigration Council of Ireland.

We’ve got a redesign of the interface in the works, to make it easier for people to use.

We’re going to solicit feedback from the initial users of the app, iterate and improve.

Image background: Wikipedia / Creative Commons – here