Improve society and the lives of people in Ireland using technology.


Develop innovative and sustainable solutions to real-world problems faced by communities across Ireland, by fostering collaboration with civic-minded individuals, businesses and public sector organisations.

We have begun publishing minutes of our management meetings, here.


1. Solution-Oriented Mindset

We’re committed to helping people and government in tackling problems affecting the population using technology and innovation.

2. Result-Oriented

We put procedures in place to measure and improve Code for Ireland’s social impact.

3. Focus on Openness

We build open source solutions, insofar as possible, that can be adopted and adapted anywhere for non-commercial purposes while providing open data which is freely available for anyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control.

4. Volunteerism at the Core

We encourage the participation of any individual, civic-group, business, or government entity in an inclusive manner without discrimination, without political agenda, and without  direct commercial advantage or financial gain for Code for Ireland and its volunteer community who invest their time and/or money on projects.

5. Embrace Transparency

We are emphatic about providing clarity in our activities, policies and procedures to ensure transparency to all our stakeholders.

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